Persian Gazelle Solar Car | PGSC1
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Solar Car
About This Project

The project of the design and manufacture of the solar car Persian Gazelle began in the winter of 2005 in I.R.Iran. A team was formed by Dr. K. Abrinia using a group of students in the School of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering at the University of Tehran.

This project was the first of its kind ever which was going to be done in Iran or anywhere in the Middle East. At the beginning the review of the works carried out in this field around the world was done. In this process many solar car teams and individuals from the universities all over the world came into contact with us which were very helpful.

Since it was the first project of its kind which was going to be done in Iran, and there were no previous experience and knowledge about it and it was completely unknown to people in Iran, no one was prepared to sponsor it at the beginning.Nevertheless the Persian Gazelle team started their work and designed the solar car with all its details in 3 months time.

Fortunately after preparing the design of the car and presenting the details to Iran Khodro Company (the biggest car manufacturer in Iran), Dr. Manteghi who was the CEO of the company at that time, agreed to sponsor the project and so the manufacturing of the car began in April 2005. IKC generously provided their hardware, machineries and facilities to the team and finally the manufacturing of the car was finished in September 2005. In spring 2006 the solar car went through a 400 km tour from Tehran to Isfahan.

In the summer of 2006 the University of Tehran Solar Car Team took part in its first international rally in Taiwan. It was an interesting event and a great experience for the team. The solar car was now called the Persian Gazelle I. The solar car was awarded a prestigious prize in Iran (20th International Khwarizmi Award).