Persian Gazelle Solar Car | PGSC2
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Solar Car
About This Project

In 2007 the design of the second solar car by the University of Tehran Team started. This time new members for the team were recruited from both Mechanical Engineering and Electrical and Computer Engineering Schools in the College of Engineering at the University of Tehran. Dr. B. Asaei from Electrical and Computer Engineering School also joined the team and took over the activities related to that department.

The design and manufacture of the second solar car named Persian Gazelle II finished in 2009 after which many tests have been carried out. The latest tests were carried out in spring of 2011 in a tour in Kish Island which is a beautiful tourist attraction. Persian Gazelle II went to the 2011 world solar challenge in Australia in October.

Persian Gazelle II was one of the research projects of the efforts of international scientific community to utilize renewable energies. Persian Gazelle II is the example of advanced solar cars in Iran which enjoys an aerodynamic body and advanced technology. Its maximum speed is 120 kilometers per hour. High solar cells output, electrical engine, direct current, programmable control system and electrical systems are among the salient features of Persian Gazelle II.