Persian Gazelle Solar Car | PGSC3
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Solar Car
About This Project

The project  of our last car, Persian Gazelle 3, launched in 2012. Contrary to the first two cars which have three wheels and one passenger seat, the new one designed for four wheels with two passengers to be an important step in the process of industrialization of solar vehicles.

WSC 2015 was held with the participation of 45 teams from 26 countries in three different classes. Two main classes of this competition which almost all the teams participated in include challenger class and cruiser class. In challenger class, vehicles are targeting minimization of their energy consumption and achieving higher speeds, while in the cruiser class, the aim is to design and build a car that in addition of energy saving, has practicality of a conventional urban car. Persian Gazelle Solar Car 3 participated in this competition as a two-seater in the cruiser class with its innovative design.