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Our Sponsors

Mosalanejad Cultural Foundation

Bank Pasargad

Bank Pasargad, also known as BPI, is a major Iranian banking establishment offering retail, commercial and investment banking services. The company was established in 2005 as a part of the government’s privatization of the banking system.

Mahtaab Gostar Company

By relying on capabilities and experience of Iranian specialists, and in line with accomplishing the executive policies of article 44 of the constitution, and development plans of the government of Islamic Republic of Iran, as well as support from the Ministry of Energy, Mahtaab Gostar Company, is the first private company in Iran, which has started activities in 2001, in the field of generation, distribution and sale of electrical energy to the domestic market and abroad. Presently, this company is the outright or partial owner of 8 power plants, generating 2636 MW.

Gochermann Solar Technologies

Gochermann Solar Technology was founded in 1996 by Hans Gochermann. Previously, Hans had been a R&D engineer with AEG-Telefunken in Germany, a world leading company in photovoltaics in the ’70s and ’80s. Hans, with remarkable foresight, recognised at an early stage that solar energy had potential terrestrial applications if the technology could be evolved beyond the requirements for satellites.

Gita Battery